Music Form

  • Thank you again for choosing Simple City Music to look after the entertainment for your wedding.

    I'm sure there has been a lot of planning and organising so I have tried to make this questionnaire as simple and straight forward as possible.

    You can view this form on your computer, tablet or smart phone but it is easiest on a computer.

    If any of the fields do not apply or you are leaving that part out of your wedding please fill in that area with a N/A.

    As of 14/04 I will be disabling the "Save & Continue" function because of its instability so please do not start the form until you are ready to have it submitted.

    This form is to be completed and submitted no later than 1 month prior to your wedding, This will give me adequate time to find music and compile playlists for your evening.
  • Ceremony Details & Music

    If you have not booked this service please fill in each section with a N/A, if you would like us to handle this for you please let us know and we will make arrangements.
  • The start of the ceremony must be within 3 hours of the Reception starting. If you would like to book a longer Ceremony & Canapés period please let me know.
  • Is the Ceremony in a location that is further than 25 meters from a building with power or is the location in an area that would require a generator to supply power.
  • A song that you have chosen, this song needs to be between 3-4 minutes.
  • Three songs that you would like to be played while you are signing the register. These songs should be a fun a light hearted selection to keep your guests entertained while the formalities are taking place.
  • A song to walk back from the alter after you have been announced as a newly married couple.
  • About your Wedding

    This section is just some general information about your wedding
  • Your 5 hour DJ package will commence from this time and finish 5 hours later unless you have booked an extended reception time
  • The name of the person appointed M.C for the evening
  • The Celebrant, Photographer or perhaps venue contact or any other vendors that will be there on the evening that I will need to communicate with.
  • Reception Music

    This section is all about the music that you would like played at the special moments.
  • A song for your bridal party
  • A song for you and your partner to be introduced at your reception
  • If you would like the song played from a time marker or faded out at a certain point please include the time markings in the following format. eg please start from 0:32 and fade out at 2:45
  • Here you may choose to have the last three songs or just the last song, the duration of this time is spent saying farewell and thanking your guests, it all depends on how much time you would like this to go for. If choosing three songs please list them in order of first played to the very last song.
  • For Spouse 1

  • A teenage cringe song or a holiday anthem, something nostalgic you can share
  • We love to get the whole family involved.
  • For Spouse 2

  • A teenage cringe song or a holiday anthem, something nostalgic you can share
  • We love to get the whole family involved.
  • Please start with Artist then Song
  • Please start with artist then Song title This is the music that will be prepared and played during dancing so please ensure your selections will resonate with your guests and the vibe that you are wanting
  • This is the strict NO NO list for your own reasons and we can happily respect that.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.