A few of the weddings and events that I have provided a service for recently have got me thinking about a few things to consider that may not seem like something to give much consideration or you may not have thought about it at all .

When planning your seating and floor plan keep in mind for elderly or children, try to avoid sitting elderly next to the DJ or band, as they will most likely tell them to turn it down. You want the whole room to be able to hear the music.

If you are appointing a friend to MC make sure they can get the crowds attention and keep control, managing a crowd of people celebrating and taking advantage of a bar tab can be a bit of a challenge. Make sure they are up to this challenge.

Take a few moments through out the night, it can go by so quick so its important to sit back and have a breather and maybe a sneaky shot to celebrate.

Think about floor space for vendors and guests, service staff need to be able to clear the tables and move around, the DJ needs to be near power and left enough room to set up equipment safely.

If there is music you really want to hear let the entertainment know before the date. This way to can get it on their library prior, sometimes venues are in an area with no reception so you cant stream song’s.

Super easy tip’s to think about. While a wedding can be a lot of work there is always going to be a few details that slip your mind or you never thought about. Hopefully these can help relieve some stress and keep you having a great time.