If you are trying to think about what songs to play at the key moments it can be a stressful decision that does’nt need to be .

• Walking down the aisle

• Music to be played at the signing

• Walking back from the alter

• Bridal entrance

• Bride and Groom entrance

• Cake Cutting

• First Dance

• Bouquet toss

• Garter belt

• Leaving songs.

Choosing a song like walking down the aisle could be a song you have thought about for years, this could be an easy choice, other songs may be a bit harder to decide on.

From what I have heard from past client’s to make that final decision isn’t as easy as you think it will be, questions coming into your head like is this the right song, is it the right mood, how long do we need the song to play, do we have to have that particular part in our wedding.

Seeing on Facebook groups and a “N/A” on questionnaire forms in some areas has let me know that so many bride’s are asking if they have to do a Bouquet or a cake cutting song, the answer is no. its your day to plan and you don’t have to go down the traditional road.

For the songs that you should or want to include think about this..

Run through the list of song you have to choose from emulate the song or even better play it and imagine being in the moment and how does it resonate with you , does it suit the scene, does it have a special meaning.

We have seen some great song choices some that we have helped with the decision on and some that have blown us away out of left field.

  • Pick 3-4 possible options
  • Listen to them
  • Envision being in the moment
  • Length of track
  • Is it sentimental
  • Play it with the bridesmaids
  • Have a drink and think 🙂

Then listen to them again in a few weeks and see if it hits the same feels.

We have a selection of playlists that we can offer to compare against if you are getting stuck or really don’t want to stress over it, YES Beyonce is on there but she isn’t the only artist to throw a bouquet to.

There is also countless forums, blogs & apps to read through so take a bit of time when selecting the special moments to the sound track to your wedding. There are a few links to some other helpful resource’s below.

It is really amazing when a unique song gets played and you can see that the song has a lot of history with the couple and it’s these moments that we love to make happen and these moments that we love seeing the reaction from everyone in the room.

So remember match the song to your personalities, after all this is your wedding with your guest list