When it comes to looking for a vendor for a type of wedding service the options can be overwhelming. Who ever it is that you decide to go with for your own reasons ask them the following questions to be sure that you will be looked after during the organising and on the day.

Out of all the questions and queries that I get asked from bride’s and groom’s there are a few that stand out and are asked over and over so what better way to help a few more couples go into the booking process with a little bit of information about five things to ask your wedding DJ.

Any legitimate business that has good ethics and cares about their clients should be able to answer these and if I got asked I would be able to easily answer them.

1. What Is Your Experience?

This is a big first question that you should be asking. Who will my DJ be and what is their experience. If your DJ has only worked one type of event then their experience is going to be limited but if they have worked parties, bar’s, nightclub’s, private function’s and many other events then they will be well seasoned with great mixing techniques and a huge library to be able to think quick and read the room. Ultimately you would want someone that has had to perform for different types of crowd’s in different situations.

2. What Is Included in the Package And How Long Do You Play For?

Meaning what equipment comes with the package and how long do you play for. Basic package calls for at least 2 speakers some simple up lighting for mood and some dance lighting from up high facing down to the dance floor. Premium should offer more services such as more speakers placed through out the room, lighting that is controllable to create scenes for different moments such as the bridal entrance or speeches or perhaps something to tie the DJ setup into the room so it does not stand out.

The important part of this question is the timeings. Of course agree on the time the DJ will be playing from and to.

3. If Your Equipment Fails What Is Your Backup Plan ?

What happens if your computer crashes or equipment fails? This is real and if you have been doing this job long enough then you will have been faced with some sort of show stopping technical crash. A computer would be a high-risk item to crash so do they have a backup? How do you play with out one?.DJ decks, if they stop working then can you still operate from just the software on your computer. So ask them what are their technical backups, a photographer wouldn’t take one camera body to a wedding and a good entertainment service will have backup plans.

I certinally have mine in place for a quick tech adjustment to keep the night rolling on.

4. When Will You Arrive ?

No doubt as a bride you have a day long time schedule going through your mind of when each service will be doing what. Your DJ will normally turn up about an hour and a half before the reception opens, enough time to load in, set up, test equipment and come and find you and ensure that everything inside the reception space is looking good and their music is good to go.

If you would like your DJ to turn up at a particular time e.g. before the ceremony so that they can bump in and move their vehicle before the guests arrive then ask, they should be able to do this, you may have to pay a fee but in the long run having your wedding the way you want is something you don’t want to budget down on the little things.

5. Do You Take Request’s On The Night?

Do they  take requests? If you are paying them upward of 100 $ per hour to curate playlists and be there to play to your guests then they better take requests, sure if the song is going to flop and kill the vibe they don’t have to play it, but most of the time in my experience song requests at weddings have worked great, its sure to light up some of the dance floor for a group of people.

Requests can also give the DJ some insight into what the guests will like instead of playing it safe and going with the classics. Some of the best singalong moments I have seen have come from a request you would never have though of.

So there you go, if you are planning your wedding entertainment and are unsure of the process these are 5 things that you should be talking to the DJ about. Not on the night but before they are booked, after all you are hiring them to provide a service at your once in a lifetime wedding day. So be sure that you are hiring someone that will fulfill your requirements.

There are more questions like this on the FAQ page than you can get to by clicking below

FAQ Page

 As an extra bonus if the DJ or entertainment business owner has systems in place to gather information and keep a client management folder and presents you with a terms and conditions, have a read through and if they are reasonable then they are going to be running a legitimate business, if they only accept cash and will just rock up on the day then keep scrolling through the Google searches for other providers.

Happy wedding planning!