This months hot tips comes from the lovely ladies of Natural Lights Photography. A boutique photographic studio operating out of Newcastle and across the Sydney, Central Coast, and Hunter regions. For over 15 years Natural Lights Photography has shot over 1000 weddings and over 2000 portraits. With a gift for natural yet elegant images, they capture your day in a way no one else would. With your ideas and their expertise, they capture real moments.

So let’s dive right in to helping you get the right photographer for your event.


A key trait for wedding photography the style or creativity. Its good to know if you like candid and natural, dramatic and posed, boho and airy or any other style before you begin your search. Finding a photographer who’s image style feels good to you and where you can ‘see yourself in the shot’ is key to ending up with images you love to show off for years to come!


Not all wedding photographers are created equal!!! Make sure that you do your research and find a photographer that fits within your budget and your favourite style. Keep in mind your wedding photography should come to a minimum 25% of your over all budget – this is your priceless memories we are talking about!


Not to say some of the most amazing wedding photographers have been in the industry less time, but having experience does make a huge difference. You want someone who is confident with their equipment, knows how a wedding day runs, can handle large groups of people, great attention to detail, has strong communication skills and has a real passion for weddings which keeps them coming back time and time again! All these things come down to experience!


Personality     This one matters more then you probably realize! You are with your photographer for the majority of your day – a day when emotions run high, multiple activities are happening and you are the centre of it all. Finding a photographer you ‘gel’ with ensures that your day will be smoother, you are more comfortable and relaxed, you trust them to make it happen – and it does! Developing a rapport with your photographer is essential to having beautiful images of your memories you will love.

Understanding The Deliverables.

Asking the specific questions early on will give you a good feel for how the photographer will organize your collection, albums, prints and other deliverable items. It is important to understand the timeline for editing, and printing as well as what actually happens after the day is finished. It’s a good idea to talk through the available options and be clear about what you most want to take home.

Straight from the professionals to you. Hopfully these tips can help you find the right photographer and help you confidently get the shots you are going for.

To get to the Natural Lights website all you have to do is click the link below. There is also a link to another great resource of information for wedding planning.

Natural Lights Photography

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