A great wedding DJ can be the difference between a pumping dance floor or a dance floor desert. With many years of Wedding entertainment experience, Simon has crowd reading down to a fine art that will make your celebrations and dance floor jump!

My Dj experience has been going on for close to 20 years and has taken me to residencies in two different countries and also playing at various bars on the Central Coast. The residencies were in top 40 casual restaurant/ bars in ski resort towns so they were filled with all ages of clients looking for a great night out

I am also an Audio/ Visual technician by trade, so when it comes to sound & lighting I love to create a great atmosphere and always put 100% into my service.


To secure a booking I require a 50% down payment of your invoice, you are able to amend your package and inclusions up to 1 months prior to your date.

Once your down payment is received you will receive an email with the music form and some other resources to help plan the entertainment.

 Once your date has been secured you will have access to an online music form that has all the information like chosen song’s, general music, time’s, date’s and contact information.


We will be in contact  about two months out to see how everything is going and then again 1 month prior. 

At 1 month prior your remaining balance and music form are due back along with a run sheet and a floor plan or details of the designated area for equipment. 

During the final week I’m happy to be in contact with you or to keep the contact minimal. I understand that you have a lot of details to go over with and may find too much communication overwhelming, so just let me know what you are comfortable with and I can work with you.

I am happy to meet at a local location beforehand, getting some face time is a great way to get on the same page right away.

If meeting close by is not viable the internet provides us with Skype, Zoom & Teams, these have both worked perfectly well in the past.

Depending on the size and amount of equipment there is, roughly 2 Hours before for the Master suite packages and 1.5 hours prior for the mini suite package.

I will travel anywhere where I are hired to perform. All over the Central Coast, Newcastle & The Lower Hunter Valley. Anywhere outside of this range please contact us for travel information.

I source and invest in the best equipment there is available to me . The audio system can cater for small groups of 30-70 people and right up to groups of 3o0 people in a medium to large size venue. The lighting options can match the size of the venue, creating a beautiful dinner setting and easily changeable to a club style dance floor.

Pre ceremony music, roughly 15 minutes.

Music Played for walking down the aisle, signing the register and walking back from the altar.

Canapés music until the reception venue opens.

3 hours of music coverage all together.

I am able to provide a wireless microphone for the celebrant if needed and have equipment to go to a remote location.

If you are not able to book your celebrant as the M.C then I would be happy to provide this service.

I provide two tiers of M.C service. The first tier contains  making  general announcements throughout the evening and keeping an eye on the run sheet as close as possible.

The second tier contains more  planning such as: 

  • Assisting with your time line for the Reception, 
  • getting to know you more as a couple, 
  • MC of general announcements, 
  • keeping an eye on the schedule of the evening
  • Contacting involved vendors of the evening if necessary
  • MC and crowd hype to ensure your moments are 100% special memoies

The Night will run on time and all your guests can have a great night.

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I wasn’t helping you get the best playlist for your evening. I’m happy to assist you with your chosen songs and general music for the evening. A large part of a successful soundtrack is to get your and your guests’ musical taste and find similar relevant music to fill in the rest.

I also have some  playlists with some song suggestions for key moments in the resources tab

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