If you are assuming that your entertainment provider will turn up with some lights and speakers then you are correct, A good entertainment provider will have a professional pair of speakers to play your chosen music, professional meaning they sound good at all levels with out distorting and can fill the room. They will also be able to control the lighting to suit the mood. Auto mode doesn’t cut it anymore, couples are demanding more from their entertainment provider, if you went to see a live concert can you imagine if they had a poor lighting show.

The following is a little bit of information to think about when planning your wedding, hopefully it will help you know what type of atmosphere you want and how your entertainment provider can make this happen for you.

• Bridal party entrance,
During this moment you are presenting yourself as a newly married couple to all of your closest friends and family, coming into the Reception venue for the first time is a moment to make a huge impression. Big Bright & loud, get the guests out of their seats and set the tone for the rest of the night.

• Dinner
At this point of the night your guests will be seated and engaging in conversation with the other guests, you don’t want them to struggle to hear conversation over the music but at the same time you don’t want it so quiet that you can hear the wait staff drop a fork, Now is the time for the DJ to get those feet taping and shoulders swinging, soft mood lighting with out any strobe or quick movements, it’s the start of the night and you don’t want to abuse people’s senses and tire them out.

• First Dance
Depending on the song you have chosen this can go either way, if it is slow and romantic make sure the lighting fills the dance floor and matches the music with soft fading and colour, The photographers may appreciate white so their colour balance isn’t an uphill battle in post production. keep the music loud enough to command the room, if the dance routine is a bit quicker then you can “get the party started” a bit earlier with the volume of the music and the movement of the lighting.

• Dance Floor, Bouquet Throw & Garter Belt
During these moments you will be mid dance floor and no doubt a few drinks in, you will want maximum attendance so make sure your MC can rally the troops, making sure your friends are around you for these fun moments. Its’ vital to keep the music pumping at a solid volume and dance appropriate lighting, this is not the speeches or cake cutting, its party time and the atmosphere is a lot more intense than dinner. Make it an atmosphere that will encourage people to let loose and have fun.

• Exit from the Reception
The grand finale, either a leaving sing along circle or a human tunnel your MC will be able to get this ready for you in time to make sure there is no awkward last ditch attempt to gather your friends and family to see you out. This is one last time for the music to be loud and the lighting to be going strong.

These are just some help-full tips to think about when putting the planning together to make your day more than memorable. It’s totally up to you as to what type of atmosphere you want at your wedding, you may not be that fussed or this short article may help you think about whats possible. So if you have entertainment booked or are still looking around ask a few more questions  and make the most out of the time while it’s there.