The cake cutting, you are either looking forward to it or dreading the all eyes on you moment, you may be wanting to avoid or modify the cake cutting as its a point in the evening that is a little traditional and can be very awkward if you aren’t 100% into it.

Cake cutting is one of the most iconic wedding photo ops. Traditionally the cake cutting is the first task you complete together as a couple so It’s more of a symbolic task than it is a functional one. You as the new couple will stop after just a single cut or two and the caterers take it from there. The newlyweds feed each other a bit of cake as a gesture of their commitment to care for and support one another and then you exit stage right after the photos are taken by the photographer and then your guests.

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you will no doubt have picked a song that the DJ will play and the catering team will have a knife at the ready. Make sure that the knife is there before the song starts. A hint from experience. There can also be two glasses of champagne for you to share with one another for a great photo op.

As the MC announces that the cake cutting will be taking place it is important that they also mention to the guests to allow the paid professional photographer to get their shots before guests dive in with their smartphone. Being a traditional part of a wedding it is a traditional photo to have.

What can make this awkward is how you approach the cake cutting and what you do after

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Non Traditional

In the age of DIY weddings, it’s perfectly acceptable to let go of certain traditions if they don’t resonate with you. If you’re one of those couples who have been resisting the cake-cutting then there are plenty of other ways to go about it and plenty of other options to serve for desert.

If you are looking for something different to bring some fun to the cake cutting then a few of the options below might be the sweetness you are looking for.

  • Do a walk up dance or skit
  • Include the speeches around the same time
  • Have a small cake for photos (a cutting cake) and have the dessert served right after the cake is cut.
  • Serve each other a piece of cake with interlocking arms like champagne flutes. 
  • Strike a super fun silly pose for the photographer, (representing your personality)
  • Use a sword to cut the cake for added dramatic effect
  • Have a themed cake

With the restrictions forcing us to think about how we operate a wedding differently it will never hurt to shake things up a bit and be unique in the way you include different aspects of your wedding day.

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There are more and more D.I.Y. styled weddings taking part so it is no wonder that the cake cutting is one of the first traditions to be modified or even completely brushed to the side. 

The lolly bar or donut wall are both great desert options. Another desert option would be for the chefs to have their input as to what seasonal fruits are available. You can’t deny your guests something sweet or savoury to finish the night on so desert in any style is a must.

I have even seen a grazing board with a desert spin instead of one you would find during the canape period. With cheeces, a selection of different sweet slice and desert treats it was well received and a great match with tea and coffee.

Remember that the cake cutting can 100% reflect your personality and you as a couple, so have fun with it, don’t let it be awkward and don’t forget to #hashtag those photos